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Richmond Antique Tools Society (RATS)

The Richmond Antique Tool Society (RATS) is an organization serving to promote knowledge of and interest in collecting, making and using antique tools. RATS provides a gathering place where members and guests can gain knowledge and understanding about tools and trades from the past and also buy, sell and trade old tools. RATS was formed in 1995 by Rick Long, Jim Hollins, and Henry Scott.

Our motto: RATS is "a club for makers, users and collectors" of old tools. In the motto, restoration plays an integral part in some fashion.

The following are some of the goals of the Richmond Antique Tools Society:

  • Create a “club” to develop new friendships (as opposed to getting lost in the crowd with larger tool collecting associations).
  • Generate interest in the preservation of tool history through displays in and around Richmond, Virginia.
  • Have an active membership that shares the enjoyment of collecting, making and using old tools.
  • Have our members give demonstrations.
  • Provide a meeting place to sell, trade and buy old tools.


Upcoming Events

Become a RATS Member

Membership in RATS costs only $10 per year (for new members) and includes attendance and participation in all RATS meetings, auctions and the Winter Gathering.


Why Should You Join the Richmond Antique Tools Society?

Joining an antique woodworking tool organization like RATS can offer several benefits for woodworkers who are interested in the history and use of antique tools, including:

  1. Learning Opportunities: RATS often offer workshops, classes, and demonstrations on the use, maintenance, and restoration of antique tools. These learning opportunities can help you develop new skills and techniques, and can also inspire you to try new projects or approaches to woodworking.
  2. Access to Resources: Members often have access to resources, such as books, magazines, and online forums, that can help you learn more about antique tools and their history.
  3. Networking: Joining RATS can provide an opportunity to meet and connect with other collectors and enthusiasts who share your passion for antique tools. You can exchange ideas, techniques, and experiences with others who are also interested in antique tools, which can be inspiring and motivating.
  4. Preservation of History: By joining RATS, you can be a part of the effort to preserve and promote the history of woodworking tools. You can learn about the history and development of different types of tools, and help educate others about their importance and value.
  5. Collecting and Trading: Many RATS members are collectors and traders of antique tools. By joining our society, you can gain access to a network of collectors and traders who can help you find, evaluate, and trade antique tools.

Antique Tools Gallery

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